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Fanny Gründerin & Designerin von A&LY

Favie Curvy Fashion Pink Flowers Founder

#1 Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am Fanny, French & Parisian passionate about Fashion, any kind of Arts & Travels.
After many years in a Communication Agency, I finally embarked on 2 projects that have been important to me for a long time, building my Blog and creating my Plus Size Clothing Brand.
My Blog and my Brand name is A&LY, the acronym for my favorite mantra “Accept & Love Yourself”. I am convinced that it is important to accept ourselves as we are and to love each other so that we can be good in our life and dare I say, be happy.

#2 How did you come up with the idea to found A&LY?

Wanting to dress “trendy” when you have curves is far from easy: few offers are suitable for my “French” tastes, many Fast Fashion made of badly cut pieces, vulgar or dated …
For several years, I’ve been thinking about what my clothing brand would be, a quality brand, made in France, a “Parisian” designer brand but Plus size!

#3 How would you describe the A&LY style?

A&LY style is both “trendy and timeless”. I like basics with a twist, and you could say my band is poetic & romantic but not cheesy.

#4 What is most important to you when designing a piece of clothing?

I love the preparation of the design part, like doing moodboards with my inspirations from absolutely everything! I plead guilty I am a Pinterest addict. Then, I imagine what I would want to wear next season & I look what trends are coming. Then I take my pen!

Produce Plus Size Clothes as a small brand is quite a challenge, specially as making a Plus Size piece is much more technic that doing a 38/40 piece.

Favie Curvy Fashion A&LY Clothes Brand

#5 What is your favourite self-love tip?

My self-love tip is DARE, dare to be yourself, dare to dream, dare to express yourself, dare to create something, anything you want. Be bold but gentle with yourself. We all have issues but if you dare to be yourself you will also learn to accept & love yourself. Remember 2 things “Failure is part of Success Path” & “Everybody is unique, don’t compare yourself”.

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