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Interview with Erin Cavanaugh 

Erin Cavanaugh and Yi Zhou are the co founders of See Rose Go. See Rose Go is a beautifully designed curvy brand available on But we don’t want to spoil too much yet. We met Erin for an interview and she told us a little bit about See Rose Go. 

See Rose Go creates effortless clothing for curvy women, beautifully designed with attention to quality, fit and style. Since its launch in August 2017, the brand has rapidly gained attention as a change-agent in the plus-size fashion world. 

#1 How did you come up with the idea to found See Rose Go?

It all started during a casual afternoon conversation with a friend about fashion. Our friend, who wears a size US 16, stated: “You have no idea what it’s like to shop for my body.” That was an emotional turning point for us and we talked more about her experiences getting dressed in the morning and how poor wardrobe options could affect her emotionally, making her late or even setting off negative vibes for the rest of the day. 

This conversation affected both of us deeply. We stepped back and asked ourselves why there wasn’t more well-made, stylish clothing for modern women who happen to wear plus sizes? We started reaching out to more and more women wearing plus size clothing to talk about their experiences and needs, what was missing, what they wanted. The responses were both alarming and enlightening.

Overall, the needs were consistent: better quality and construction, a considered fit, and cool, versatile style. It was then we realized that we could draw on our unique experience in sportswear and fashion to meet those needs.

We keep these insights at the very center of everything we do. At See Rose Go, we want to see all women feeling beautiful and fearless in their lives.

#2 What does See Rose Go stand for?

We believe all types of women are beautiful. The woman who follows her ambitions and is passionate about what she does. It’s about her story and what makes her go. We are inspired by the creative dreamer and the determined doer - Her label size doesn’t dictate who she is or what she is capable of!

Because we believe in her and to see her go, we stand for our design ethos of Quality, Fit and Style.  Intentionally, we launched with a small, curated line of eight styles. We wanted to make sure that every piece was just right. As we expand, our line will always be more about a thoughtful range of great choices, making every piece count.

#3 Which piece of the collection is your favorite?

We have created an edited assortment of all our favorites! We have selected these styles for their modern classic versatility. From the design room, to fitting sessions, to the moment you open the package - each piece has been crafted with love and intended to be the go-to friends you won’t thumb past in your closet, you will reach for them two-to-three times a week because they are your treasures, YOUR favorites.

#4 What do you love most about your job?

The women who inspire us! Through all our discussions, we realized that modern multi-dimensional women have so much in common, independent of the size labels. We all want quality, fit and style, and See Rose Go is committed to offering this underserved consumer a modern wardrobe in which she can go out and achieve with confidence. Creating clothing is a humbling endeavor, and when you can create a piece that helps a woman feel her best, so she can then go out and change the world, the potential effect is incredible and certainly a driving factor.

#5 What is your vision for See Rose Go?

We will continue to be intuitive with our consumer and provide smart, innovative solutions while actively listening to her needs. Our vision is to build a See Rose Go community which provides the effortless style and considered quality she deserves. 

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